Financial Institutions

Assess your Loanee farmer more realistically. Evaluate the risk levels and also understand his creditworthiness. Know the true loan potential of a person


Digitalise your farmers
Crop Survey
Multiple Languages
Area estimation using satellite imagery
Help farmer increase yield
Crop Wise Summary
Know the income potential this year
Know how much more to earn
Tracking payments
Know when farmer can repay
Capture farm expenses
Multiple level reports
Mobile App for Farmers
Mobile App for Field Staff
Two way Communication with farmers

Challenges in the Industry

  Capturing this information and retrieving it efficiently when required is a huge task and also prone to clerical errors. Verifying the details is almost next to impossible.  Updating this information when changes occur is yet another challenge.

Provide support and guidance to farmers and timely solutions to field levels problems Training Members farmers regarding the GAP (good agricultural practices)

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Survey Software

  Survey one or more crops through this automated software.  A mobile application will help you map the area under each crop of individual farmers.  Perimeter mapping is done using satellite imagery and geo locations.  Area of the mapped crop is automatically captured.  Multilevel intelligent reports are generated at the click of a button.  Reduces the time taken for such surveys.  Significantly reduces manpower and thereby the costs.  Improves accuracy as this does not involve typing of any numbers or values.

Customer Relationship Management

  A very simple but powerful tool to keep track of your sales pipeline and ensure that no opportunity is ever lost. Multiple logins for employees.  Customers get a mobile application to view their order history, balance quantity they can order and to place call offs.  


Visual Data Analytics Software

Your organisation will have mountains of data in various excel sheets.  Examples are statewise, district/province wise, village wise. crop area, production, productivity, export value, import quantity, import value, daily price of various grades.  When you have such information for 10 or 20 years, it becomes difficult to manage.  When your members, customers or reporting authorities require reports using this data, they have to be manually created each time.  Our 

Farm Management Software

  An integrated software that will help you effectively manage your backward integration program.  Improves the quality of the raw materials, reduces cost of production, integrates with the Internet of Things (IOT) and most importantly gains trust of your farmers as well as your customers.  A Mobile Application that works even without internet will help collect data from the field and also help your field executives to provide correct information to farmers and also provide training to them.


Mobile Application for the Farmers

  Farmers under your program can download and use a mobile application exclusively linked to your company.  Farmers will be able to receive direct communication from you, guidance on cultivation, pest/disease control, fertiliser application, training videos, post pictures and audio recording of the problems they are facing in the field and reach out to you for help.  They will also receive details of inputs provided by you, its amount due, quantity purchased by you, how much more you can source from them, payment details, etc  

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We are happy to have formed strong partnerships with many of our clients. Your opinions and insights are important to us. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

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    We Empower Businesses through Digital Innovations

    We are happy to have formed strong partnerships with many of our clients. Your opinions and insights are important to us. Here’s what they’re saying about us.