Farmer Producers Organisation

Create more value for the farmer members. Keep track of all members, their production, Purchases and Payments.


Dynamic website
Digitalise your farmers
Crop Survey
Integrate all activities
Manage Multiple Crops
Multiple Languages
Satellite Based Area estimation
Aggregate Inputs
Input Distribution
Area estimation using satellite imagery
Crop Wise Summary
Digitally organise farmers
Forecast Harvest Quantities
Forecast Harvesting Date
Guidance to farmers on cultivation
Harvest tracking
Help farmer increase yield
Inventory Management
Lot segregation on quality
Mobile App for Farmers
Mobile App for Field Staff
Multiple level reports
Pest/Disease control
Training Module
Two way Communication with farmers
Weather Forecast

Challenges in the Industry

Training Members farmers regarding the GAP (good agricultural practices)

Due to the geographical spread, communicating with them, knowing their problems, providing solutions, collating their harvest information, etc are all very cumbersome. Capturing this information and retrieving it efficiently when required is a huge task and also prone to clerical errors. Verifying the details is almost next to impossible.  Updating this information when changes occur is yet another challenge.

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Assessment of farmers’ crop area

  Trace AgTech will help you map the area under each crop of individual farmers.  Perimeter mapping is done using satellite imagery and geo locations.  Area of the mapped crop is automatically captured.  Multilevel intelligent reports are generated at the click of a button.  Reduces the time taken for such surveys.  Significantly reduces manpower and thereby the costs.  Improves accuracy as this does not involve typing of any numbers or values.


  Having a good traceability system will fetch better prices for the farmers’ produce.  QR codes placed on the farmer bags help to track these bags throughout their movement from farm gate till the customer.  A customer scanning this QR code gets to see the farmer’s pic, farm location, harvested date, etc.  This is very valuable for a customer and he will be willing to pay a higher price for such a product.


Harvest Forecasting

  Different farmers start their crop at different times.  This staggering makes it difficult to estimate the pattern of harvest arrivals.  Trace AgTech can easily compile the various harvest dates and tell you when and how much of which crop will be harvested.  You can plan your resources such as funds, manpower, logistics support, warehouse space, processing capacities accordingly.

Safety and Security through BlockChain technology

Ensure your data cannot be tampered with by storing critical documents in a ledger that is duplicated and stored distributed across a wide entire network of computer systems on the Blockchain.


Gain trust of your farmer members

Through the software system that also provides farmers with a mobile application, you are able to provide guidance on cultivation, pest/disease control, fertiliser application and training videos.  Farmers are able to post pictures and audio recordings of the problems they are facing in the field and reach out to you for help.  They will also receive details of inputs provided by you, its amount due, quantity purchased by you, how much more you can source from them, payment details, etc. These features help in gaining their trust and confidence.

Input Aggregation

Farmers need support during the crop cycle, especially in terms of buying many farm inputs such as implements, pesticides, fertilisers, etc.  As they are unorganised, the farmers most often than not end up buying low quality inputs at high prices.  Trace AgTech helps you collect their requirements systematically and buy the inputs in bulk at a lower cost.


Bring efficiency in your organisation

Trace AgTech is an integrated software that will help you effectively manage your operations.  All farmer details are digitally stored and lets you access them efficiently and device programs to help the farmer members.  Through a more efficient way of handling things you are able to improve the quality of the raw materials, reduce cost of production and provide the farmers support to market their products.

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We are happy to have formed strong partnerships with many of our clients. Your opinions and insights are important to us. Here’s what they’re saying about us.

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    We are happy to have formed strong partnerships with many of our clients. Your opinions and insights are important to us. Here’s what they’re saying about us.